Your own personal family location tracking application

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Track vulnerable family members

Ensure safety of your family members. Track the location of all your family members - old parents or kids - in real time at any moment - all in one screen. Create geofence and receive notifications when geofence is breached. Ensure they are safe. Know more about geofence events.

NEW - Send SOS Button
Create a one touch SOS widget/button on home screen for fast access. In case of an emergency, tap the Send SOS widget/button, an automated voice call will be made and at the same time an SMS message will be sent to the designated contact. Watch video to see how it worksSee here for more information.


My GPS Family Location Tracking consists of two parts:

1) Location tracking client: This app/device constantly captures and sends location information. You can use any one of the following apps:

a) Traccar Client
b) Owntracks (see video how to set up Owntracks)
c) My GPS Location Sender App

2) Location monitoring: Through any one of the below apps you monitor the location(s).

a) Monitor through web app:
b) Android app: My GPS Family Tracker

Click here for installation instructions.