Use your old mobile phone as GPS Tracker for your kid's bicycle

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We all have some old phones lying around we do not use them anymore. Why not use the mobile phone as a GPS tracker for your kid's bicycle. You can track and ensure that the kid is in a safe zone. You do not have to actively monitor. You can set up a geofence or a security parameter area and receive notification proactively whenever your kid goes out of the geofence area.

Here is how to do it with our Family Location Tracking app. Follow the instructions to set up and configure from here: Installation and Set up instructions

To set up geofences, see the instructions here.

You get some good mobile holding pouches for bicycles. Here are two pouches I found at a reasonable price on Amazon India :

Amazon Brand - Solimo Bicycle Frame Saddle Bag with Touchscreen Pocket for Smartphone

Bike Bicycle Front Frame Top Tube Bag with Touch Screen Pocket for Mobile Phones


Put the phone in the pouch and you have a GPS tracker for your kid's bicycle. Track and ensure your kid is riding in a safe zone. Receive notification when your kid goes out of geofence or secure zone.