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Parents of school going children are the most stressed in the morning. They have to ensure that the kids are ready, prepare breakfast and pack lunch for thier kids before the school bus arrives. You as a school principal can help parents in their morning tasks. By letting parents track the location of school bus on a map, parents can plan and ensure that kids are ready to board the bus when it arrives. At the same time the school will benefit too. With less stoppage time to pick up students, the buses arrive on time, and this also results in savings in fuel cost. Your transportation manager can view in real time locations of all the busses in one screen ensuring everything is going on smoothly.

The good part is that there is no capital investment or set up cost. No need to install any device. The school driver's mobile acts as a GPS device. The whole thing can be set up in just a couple of minutes.

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School transport manager can monitor the location of all shool buses in real time.


Or track the location of a particular bus.


Schools can share the school bus location tracking URL with parents. Schools use this page to generate URL and share with parents.


When parents open the URL in the browser, it will open this page. And parents can monitor the location of the school bus(es) by clicking on Click to track link.

Note: Parents do not need to install the app to track the location of the school bus. Just open the URL in any browser (mobile, tab, laptop, PC etc.).


By clicking on Click to track, parents can track the location of the bus.