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How to create Send SOS widget

Go to home screen of the mobile on which My GPS Location Sender app has been installed.

Locate an empty space and touch and do a long hold. The home screen will shrink and it shows icons at the bottom of the screen, one of them will be named Widgets (be careful when you locate an empty space, you might think it is an empty space but could be a part of a widget, do this at different areas of the screen).

Tap Widgets icon. It will open another screen and you will see all the apps having shortcuts. Swipe left/right to locate My GPS Location Sender app. You will see Add Shorcuts 1x1 text at the top of the icon. Touch and long hold My GPS Location Sender app.

A new screen opens up and shows three items: Start service, Stop service and Send SOS. Tap Send SOS and it creates Send SOS widget on the home screen.

If the above doesn't work, try this: Touch and hold My GPS Location Sender app icon. Then tap widgets. Click Add and choose Send SOS.

To set up to receive SOS message notification, see here for set up instructions.