How to set up Send SOS widget to send notification

When the person touches Send SOS widget, it will send an SOS voicecall and message to the person set up to receive the SOS notification. Follow these steps below to set up the notification.

Login into My GPS Family Tracker app. Go to menu SOS -> Add Phone Number

1) From the drop down list box select the device. This is the mobile phone where Send SOS widget is created.

2) In the Enter Phone Number text box, enter the phone number of the mobile on which you want to receive the SOS voice call and SMS. Enter full number with country code (+countrycode).

Optionally if you have set up notification for the device for Telegram messenger, the same SMS message will be sent to Telegram messenger also. To set up device notification for Telegram messenger, follow these insructions below.

Get the Telegram Id of the receiving person's mobile. Follow the instructions here.

After getting the Telegram Id, set it up for notification for the device. Follow the instruction here.