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Whats is a geofence?

Geofence is a term commonly used in location based systems. If you are new to geofence, this article explains it clearly: attention to Personal location tracking section. This is the area our software operates in. 

We support circular geofence. Here you specify the center of the geofence in terms of latitude and longtude of the center and then specify a radius. The geofence thus defined is a circular boundary of radius defined around the latitude and longitude. You then give a name for this geofence and the device where you want to receive notofications. You can set up as many geofences as you want.

What are geofence events?

A geofence event occurs when a person or device enters or exits a geofence. When the person enters a geofence, an entered event is triggered. Similarly, when the person leaves a geofence, an exited event is triggered. Whenever an entered or exited event occurs, you will receive notification on Telegram messenger.


For example, you can create a home geofence and a school geofence. Whenever your kids enter or exit these geofences, you can set up to receive nitifications. Similarly you can set up for your parents too. This way you can track, monitor and ensure your loved ones are safe.